Welcome to Rankemtech Nig.

Rankemtech is an Expert and Enterprise Technical Solutions Provider Company, incorporated in Nigeria to provide industry-leading ICT products and services.
We are the sole provider of Polawa Offline Internet e-Library.



  • To provide people, offices and organizations with the power to do more by applying the speed, power and accuracy of information technology in optimizing their daily endeavors.
  • To provide tools and systems that will enhance teaching, improve learning and help educational development in Nigeria.


The 'way they have being doing it' is the enemy of the 'way it should be done'. Of course, we always seek to go beyond the tradition so as to bring our clients better and innovative solutions.


  • Integrity
  • Discipline and Responsibility
  • Team Spirit
  • High Professional ethics
  • Commitment to excellence
  • Superior customer care


Teamwork is our strength and bond in the Rankemtech family. Each member is a vital link in the functional chain that defines our performance, image, styles and our culture of professional excellence and top-range service delivery. As experts in our various fields, we have over the years developed a unique synergy built on a foundation of our collective ambition for being the best of who we are and what we set to achieve.

Our team comprises of professionals who are technically intellegent not only by certification but also by experience.

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