Polawa Offline Internet e-Library

Polawa Offline Internet e-Library

Polawa Offline Internet e-Library is a high capacity offline e-library server system that provides complete digital library facilities with a virtual internet access and hosting to several educational web portals and sites for nursery, primary and secondary schools at no periodic subscription cost.

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Polawa Offline Internet Server was developed along the lines and approach of Internet-in-Box system; and through partnership with international education resource organizations with the following objectives:

  1. to promote digital library in elementary and secondary schools in developing countries at no or little running cost;
  2. to provide students and teachers with digital resources that encourage more of interactive learning and less of passive learning in schools;
  3. to effect and enhance  digital  learning and reading in  primary and secondary  schools;
  4. to provide web based resources and services in schools with or without internet connectivity.

Polawa Offline Internet e-Library running in Glisten International Academy

The Benefits of the System to Schools

The  followings  are  among  the  benefits  that  Polawa  Offline Internet e-Library  would afford your schools:

  1. Provision of fast and free access to several educational websites with hundreds of thousands of interactive audio-visual resources, including interactive digital Textbooks and Storybooks.
  2. The School’s Computer room would be made functional as a digital library; and the existing library infrastructure will be automated with a library automation and management system.
  3. The e-Learning Management system module will help teachers/tutors to digitize their lesson notes and manage e-Lessons.
  4. With image projectors or e-boards in place, teachers can illustrate and demonstrate their subjects with several simulators in the system.
  5. This system makes learning fun and helps schools to have more academically engaged students. Of course, when students are actively engaged with interactive and educative audio-visual resources, their retention and academic performance are improved.
  6. The fear of pupils and students being exposed to inappropriate online contents will be totally removed.
  7. Polawa Offline Internet e-Library Server can serve as an alternative to the internet or as a realistic web resources server for schools and therefore makes periodic internet subscription fully optional for educational purposes.

Polawa e-Library Books

How It Works?

How polawa works

Polawa Offline Internet e-Library server was designed to be installed as an on-premise box server and accessed instantly through web browsers on any computer device connected over wired or/and wireless local area network within the school.

Polawa e-Library Servers

Polawa e-Library Server

Polawa e-Library Server comes in 3 different Packages:

  • Basic Server (500Gb HDD, 4Gb RAM)
  • Premium Server (1Tb HDD, 8Gb RAM)
  • Enterprise Server (2Tb HDD, 16Gb RAM)

Are you interested?

Are you interested in Polawa Interactive e-Library system? please do not hesitate to contact us via our email.

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